Collaboration for leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) and Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) in Greater Manchester

The organisation of health and care is undergoing major transformation at local, national and regional level.

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The organisation of health and care is undergoing major transformation at multiple scales (locally, nationally and regionally), frequently focused on the evolution of a more integrated system as boundaries between different forms of care are reconfigured to improve coordination, thereby improving experiences, efficiency and outcomes. Central to this process is the reconfiguration of the health and care workforce, with new ways of working, new roles and changing skill mix underpinning innovative service delivery models.

The ‘Organising Care’ theme of the Greater Manchester ARC (Applied Research Collaboration) will aim to provide high-quality evidence to inform the planning and delivery of integrated health and care which is effective, efficient and equitable. Priority topics include; the integration of health and care, workforce challenges and wider aspects of the reorganisation of health and care services (e.g. the establishment of primary care networks (PCNs)). 

Project team

Several IHPO academics have played a prominent role in CLAHRC, which has come to an end in September 2019 and are actively part of ARC development and themes that has started in October 2019.

  • Ruth Boaden - Director of NIHR CLAHRC Greater Manchester
  • Damian Hodgson - Lead for Organising Healthcare theme (CLAHRC)
  • Kath Checkland - joint lead for Primary care theme (CLAHRC)
  • Matt Sutton - lead for Health and Social Inequalities theme (CLAHRC)
  • Matt Sutton - deputy director and lead for the Economic Sustainability Theme (ARC)
  • Damian Hodgson - lead for Organising Care Theme (ARC)
  • Kath Checkland - deputy lead Organising Care Theme (ARC)
  • Paul Wilson - lead for the Implementation Science cross-cutting theme (ARC)
  • Pete Bower - lead for the Evaluation cross-cutting theme (ARC)

Further information

You can find out more about CLAHRC on their website.