About us

Influencing healthcare policy and organisation through world-leading interdisciplinary research.

The funding and delivery of effective health care is one of the most significant global grand challenges. Countries face growing demand for health and care driven by ageing populations, the rising costs of care as new treatments emerge, rapid technological change and rising public expectations. As this demand grows, governments are increasingly pressured by resource constraints to transform the way they deliver services. Old paradigms, such as central planning, hospital-centred care and market-oriented reform, are proving ineffective; while technological advances and devolved decision making represent new but unproven opportunities.

Professor Kath Checkland

Our aim is to provide a platform for interdisciplinary research which draws together the insights from multiple fields to improve health services, impact policy and establish The University of Manchester as a leading authority for each of our three core themes.

Professor Kath Checkland / Director, IHPO

This climate creates the opportunity to develop bold and distinctive new ways to conceive of healthcare delivery. The University of Manchester has a growing reputation in the field of health services organisation and policy research, having secured over £30 million in awards and donations since 2011. The establishment of the Institute for Health Policy and Organisation will ensure we are at the front and centre of these vital debates.

Institute members work closely with healthcare providers and commissioners, regulatory and professional bodies, national and local government departments, policy makers, think tanks, third sector organisations, community groups and other stakeholders. We create ongoing conversations and projects with a range of stakeholders and are proactively looking for organisations to partner with on our many research projects.