Our aims, mission and strategy


Medical doctor holding a stethoscope to a globe model of the earth.

The Institute will:

  • attract the highest calibre researchers in the field of health policy and organisation to join or work with the Institute;
  • provide focused career support for researchers engaged in interdisciplinary work,;
  • build a developmental pipeline to form the research leaders of tomorrow;
  • facilitate coordinated, strategic action with other key UoM research units/institutes;
  • encourage formal collaboration with similar centres/institutes across the world;
  • open new potential funding streams for interdisciplinary research;
  • support the delivery of higher quality research outputs;
  • provide a platform for engagement with policy makers and other key stakeholders;
  • enable colleagues to respond better to complex real-world challenges; and
  • facilitate the generation of impact on a scale and quality that is not possible under present arrangements.

Our mission

Our mission is to establish The University of Manchester as the international leader for interdisciplinary research into health policy and organisation. IHPO will serve as a leading academic research institute in the area of health policy, organisation and management that generates world class research, achieves high levels of engagement and impact with non-academic stakeholders and creates the next generation of leading international researchers.